Individual researchers as well as teams from universities, research institutions, and companies are entitled to participate. Both, concepts and solutions can be submitted for evaluation. The principal investigator must work or study in Germany. The applicant(s) should have several years of experience in the area of IT-security.

The papers submitted should primarily be innovative (weighting 3/7). In addition the ideas must have good chances on the market (weighting 2/7) and have to be useful and useable (weighting 2/7).

The organizers of the German IT-Security Prize will try to keep your ideas secret. However the nondisclosure of all documents handed in for this contest cannot be guaranteed. The submission of your ideas is done on your own risk.

Submissions in German and English are accepted. Please use the German templates in any case. The German titles in the templates do not have to be translated.

If you submit your concept in English, a German translation of the abstract is required. The presentation of the ten best applications at the award ceremony has to be in German.