Having been a successful manager and entrepreneur in IT business for several years, in 1996 I decided to attend to issues of common good. As a result the Horst Görtz Foundation as a legal foundation of the civil law was founded. It was capitalized with 17000 shares of the Utimaco Software AG. By an increase of capital stock and splitting before the initial public offering, the number of stocks could be increased significantly. At the initial public offering in 1999 and later on Utimaco stocks were sold, the revenue invested in  other stocks. The foundation has notable assets, whose proceeds – according to the Foundation Charter – are used to support various projects.

The registered office of the Horst Görtz Foundation is Taunusstr. 39a 61267 Neu-Anspach.

For endowment contributions I would like to ask you to use the following account:

Account number: 1000653,
Bank: Taunussparkasse
Sorting Code: 512 500 00